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Since we signed up with DealerOn, organic search traffic is up 60% and I'm getting traffic from 400% more terms.

- Oscar Vanderkooij, Goodson Acura

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DealerOn designs websites that generate results. DealerOn websites are the most effective websites for generating traffic to your site, providing information to your customer, and converting website visitors into website sales leads for your dealership.

Leads from your DealerOn website are more effective than any 3rd Party leads because the customer is interested in a car that you have in stock and has already become familiar with your dealership.

Not only will your auto website generate leads and make you money, but it will save you money too. The cost to gain each customer with our organic SEO Accelerator™ and website conversions is a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of advertising such as radio and print.

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Not every website design company has the ability to generate the maximum amount of leads to your auto dealership. Lead generation in the auto industry takes special skill and knowledge. You need an auto web design company that understands the mindset of the visitors coming onto your website, and aggressively pursue a lead from those visitors.

How Do We Generate Leads?

DealerOn websites generate leads for your automotive dealership in a number of ways. We build your website to search engine optimized. This includes the layout, the text, the design, and more. Everything about your auto website will be optimized to assure your website shows up in the top of search engine results.

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We aggressively pursue lead generation by included incentives, offers, and by making lead generating forms readily available to your website visitors at all times.

Your website needs to focus on keywords and phrases that match what your prospective clients are typing in the search engines - and we do that for you. If your customers are searching in Google for "new york acura dealer", we design your auto website to discuss these types of phrases on multiple pages to get high ranking in Google for this term.

We research the most valuable keywords and phrases and then optimize your site for those terms. None of our competitors offer this level of service and expertise to optimize your site. We design your website around these terms and the result is a website that dominates the search engines.

DealerOn Auto Dealer Website Design Benefits:

  • Designed with SEO techniques to assure more traffic and more leads.
  • Search engine optimized for high search rankings.
  • In-depth keyword research and meta tag insertion.
  • Custom dealer inventory management system integration.
  • Strategic lead generation forms to maximize lead volume.
  • Separate sections offered for parts and service.
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Goodson Acura increased their Search traffic 60% with DealerOn.

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DealerOn FlexSites get a perfect score for SEO.