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Organic SEO for Your Auto Dealership

Since we signed up with DealerOn, organic search traffic is up 60% and I'm getting traffic from 400% more terms.

- Oscar Vanderkooij, Goodson Acura

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Search engines are an extremely effective way to drive qualified car leads to your auto dealership website. Because search engines allow potential customers to search for exactly what they want, chances are that they'll only find your website if they're interested in buying a car. Since nine out of ten in-market consumers will search the Internet for the auto dealer they intend to purchase their next car from, your dealer website NEEDS to show up in the results. This means you need to make sure your dealer website is optimized to deliver the best search engine placement for keywords and phrases that auto buyers will use to find you. These people are actively looking to purchase a car, and you need to make sure your auto dealership is in front of them when they're shopping.

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To ensure your dealership is included in their buying process, use a combination of tactics to optimize your organic SEO. Organic (natural) search ranks websites according to how relevant each web page is compared to the specific search terms. In other words, the listings are not influenced by direct financial payments, only by effective SEO.

Some of the things you and your website provider need to consider when designing your site:

Keyword List

These are the words that searchers use to find your dealership online. Conduct research online to find which combinations of words are being used most often. Make a list of relevant words to use throughout your website content.


Use the keyword list you created and keep those words in mind when writing the text for your site. Use them when you can, but only when relevant. Write for humans, not search engine results. Aim for 400-500 words a page.

Title Tags

When designing your website, it's important to have accurate title tags. Your website provider will most likely take care of this, so make sure to ask them about it. Your title tags tell search engines what your web pages are about, so make sure they're relevant and use the keywords in the list you created.


The actual web address is very important for SEO. When possible, partner with a vendor who uses appropriate words within the URL address. For example, if it's an inventory page for a Ford F-150, the URL should say so.

The Internet is here to stay and will only become more critical in the car-buying process in the future. Learning and utilizing various SEO techniques will pay off in increasing quality website visitors with a higher propensity to submit forms because your dealership is relevant to the search for their next car purchase. One thing to remember is to optimize for your location. Since dealerships still close sales on the lot, getting your leads to show up at your dealership becomes your focus, once you know who they are.

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Goodson Acura increased their Search traffic 60% with DealerOn.

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