HyperConnect™ - Drive Showroom Visits

More about how HyperConnect™ works:
HyperConnect™ takes all Internet leads from any source, including website, third party or manufacturers and verifies that the lead is real.
It automatically places a call to your dealership, giving the salesperson who answers information about the lead.
The sales member can then press '1' to be connected to the potential customer.

Make sure your Internet leads know you care about them and are ready to help them buy the right car by calling them personally, minutes after they submit their information to your auto dealership website. Recent research confirms that website visitors who submit a lead online have an increased chance of purchasing sooner rather than later. HyperConnect™ instantly connects your sales reps to your leads by telephone.

Other than price, the second most cited primary reason for doing business with an auto dealership is a "good, quick response" to the lead (2005 Industry and Dealership eBusiness Performance Study). One of the biggest missed opportunities for dealers is slow response to Internet leads. Cutting the time it takes for you to follow-up with Internet leads will allow your auto dealership to increase conversions, appointments and car sales.

Since your sales staff is busy, HyperConnect™ allows you to have the calls automatically directed your salespeople's cell or desk phone when the lead is submitted. HyperConnect™ will then brief the salesperson and connect them with the lead in less than three minutes. With the industry average follow-up at over four hours, this kind of timeliness can make a heck of a first impression. As one of our customers says, "It's not who e-mails the customer first, but who talks to the customer first that wins!"

By speaking with a lead immediately after they submit their information, your salespeople are able to establish a real connection with that person. The quick timeframe of the response indicates how important they are and the salesperson's pre-knowledge of what they're interested in is impressive. Being first and being informed enough to answer their needs and questions says a lot about why they should buy from your dealership.

Our HyperConnect™ customers report that, on average, they see conversion rates from lead to appointment of 75% of the leads they speak with personally. Because of that personal connection, 75% of those appointments are kept and the dealer is able to sell cars to 29% of them.

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