I’m so excited to be a sponsor and a part of an upcoming Digital Dealer Webinar. DealerOn co-founder, Amir Amirrezvani, will be presenting with Jason Ezell from Dataium on Website Conversion Rate Optimization best practices used by dealerships like Ideal Nissan (the 2012 Digital Dealer Website Excellence Overall Award Winner and DealerOn customer).

A typical dealer implementing the full spectrum of these best practices, if they are not already using them, can expect to more than double their website lead volumes IMMEDIATELY, without spending any additional online advertising dollars.  Jason and Amir will not only walk through specific website optimization best practices, they will also detail why the practice works, what sort of impact your dealership can expect, and how to accurately measure your results.

Join Jason and Amir for a FREE Digital Dealer Webinar on Thursday, May 24 at 11:30 a.m. EST to learn more about how to optimize your website conversion.

Quick Facts:

Title: Optimize Your Website Conversion – How to Double Your Leads without Spending a Dime

Who: Amir Amirrezvani, EVP & Co-Founder, DealerOn and Jason Ezell, President & Co-Founder, Dataium, LLC.

Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 11:30 A.M. EST

Sponsored By: DealerOn, Inc. and Dataium, LLC

Price: FREE

Dealers in Attendance Can Expect to Learn:

  • The ENORMOUS opportunity for dealers to increase their conversion rate and the HUGE spread in conversion rates among dealers, depending on franchise, website provider, etc.
  • A number of best practices/common themes that Dataium has found across the thousands of coded websites that they analyze.
  • The most valuable conversion rate best practices, so you can focus on the highest impact items first.
  • How to effectively manage incentives and vehicle pricing/merchandising to maximize leads, appointments, showroom traffic, and sales.
  • The best website metrics to analyze and how to measure them properly.

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