David Kain – How to Win Friends and Sell More Cars in 2017 — Be Adorable!

We are kicking off our 2017 DealerOn Webinar series with a BANG!  Famed automotive trainer David Kain is bringing you a timely topic that will carry you and your dealership all the way through the New Year…and beyond!

It all starts with one simple question every salesperson should ask themselves… ARE YOU ADORABLE?

No, really…are you? Because […]

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Craig Lockerd – 7 Ways to Recruit,Train and Retain Top Talent for Your Dealership

Hiring and Training the right employees can make a huge difference in any organization! The smartest Dealers and Managers know that their most valuable assets at their dealership(s) are in their personnel.

But how do you find, recruit, train and retain top automotive talent?

During this information packed 1 hour webinar, Craig Lockerd will take you through […]

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Kelly McNearney, Expert from Google: What Dealers Need to do to ROCK THE NEW YEAR!

Originally recorded December 15, 2016.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! New Year… New Start… New Problems?!

Yup. 2017 holds the promise of a fresh start. But don’t kid yourself… it won’t be without new challenges too. After all, using the right digital marketing strategy on today’s savvy internet car buyers will maximize profitability, dramatically increase inventory velocity and greatly improve customer […]

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Gabrielle Garrison: How to Sell Cars and Advertise on Facebook Like a Boss

Facebook is far and away the most popular social networking site in the world and when they made advertising opportunities available to businesses a few years ago it left many dealerships wondering…


The answer is absolutely YES!

To find out How to Sell Cars and Advertise on Facebook […]

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Mike Davenport: How to Close & Deliver 3 Cars in 1 Day

YUP! The title says it all!

We’re going to dedicate a full hour to show you, in detail, how rock star car salesman Mike “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport does just that. He should know! He does a hat trick about 5 times a month on average!

To most people in the car biz it seems like […]

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