Google seems to be everywhere lately, especially with their introduction of +1 and Google Plus.  Many people have so many different aspects of their life integrated into the search engine (email, social network, search engine, calendar, document management, etc) that sometimes it is hard to remember how we ever got along without it.

Most estimates put Google’s search market share between 65% and 70%, but I have seen estimates as high as 80-90%, which is closer to where it is in other countries.  Knowing the market share of different search engines can be helpful when planning your marketing strategies.  For example, with the recent changes Google has made to their review pages, knowing the percentage of market share Google has could help your dealership decide how to adjust your review strategy.  Based on the data I’ve seen, there is Google, and then everyone else is perhaps 20-25% of the market.  Therefore, any search engine marketing strategy has to revolve around Google to make it worth your while.

Judging by your sites’ search engine traffic data (Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing vs. others), what would your estimate be of Google’s search market share?  How have you used the amount of market share Google has to determine your dealership’s marketing plans?