A Special Thanksgiving Wednesday Workshop


This week’s Wednesday Workshop video is a special holiday-themed message… It’s a bit different than what we’ve done in the past, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

If you’d like to watch the companion video – Watch Martha here

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Check out our new Local SEO Guide


Grab a copy of our SEO guide today!

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we talk about the release of our new book about Local SEO… OK, so it’s an e-book, and we’re not done writing it yet – but the first section is finished, and we’re releasing it as a stand-alone guide!

The first section covers on site signals – the foundation of everything related to your SEO efforts. Check out the video for more details, and click the link above to grab a copy for yourself today!


Check out the new AdWords Message Extension


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we explain the newly released Message Extension in Google AdWords. You can actually get customers to send you a text message directly from your PPC ad in Google search results! Watch the video for all the important details…

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How to add subtitles to your Facebook videos


This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares instructions for adding subtitles to your videos. The file needed for adding captions is the same, regardless of video host – but they’re especially effective on Facebook, since the audio is muted by default on all auto-play videos.

Check out the video for detailed instructions on creating your subtitle file – if you’ve got any questions, leave them below and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible!

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Topgolf (The Colony) Recap: Golfing & Learning



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