Interviews from Digital Dealer 22


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we’re back with more interviews from the floor of Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa. Last week we asked for a single awesome tip… This week we had a bit more fun.

Check out the video – you’ll get a few laughs… and don’t forget to check back next week for […]

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Awesome Tips From Digital Dealer 22


The Hair and I took a stroll around the convention center floor last week at Digital Dealer 22, talking to vendors and dealers about how things are changing in 2017. We had some amazing conversations, laughed a lot (you’ll see the fun stuff in next week’s video), and collected some incredible tips for dealers […]

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Come see us at Digital Dealer 22 next week!


Heading to Digital Dealer 22 in Tampa next week? This week’s video shares all the info about the awesome speaking sessions you’ll need to be sure to see. We’ve even got the first ever DOUBLE SESSION, and it’s going to be all about Local SEO.

Come see us at booth 411 if you’re gonna be […]

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Micro-Moments: Get There Early (and bring pics!)

Micro-Moments, Get There Early (and bring pics!)
Last week, we talked about Google’s “micro-moments” and how a typical automotive shopper uses their phone or computer to move further in the purchasing funnel. As they learn more about the car they’re interested in, customer research gets more and more detailed. We’ve all heard the Google mantra, “Be there, be useful, and be quick.” But after reading this blog post, you may want to consider getting there early, too. Let’s talk about how showing up early in the online car buyer’s path to purchase (with helpful images & videos) might help you sell more cars.


Voice search – is your dealership ready?


This week’s Wednesday Workshop should scare a lot of you… Seriously! Hardly anyone is considering voice search, and how the rise of non-typed searches will change the way people look for local car dealerships.

Have you thought about how you need to prepare for searches on Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Home? Has your SEO provider thought about it, and started to prepare your site for the fast-approaching future of voice searches?

Watch this video and see why these questions are incredibly important to your dealership.

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