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Silo Hero

When you’ve got new content to add to your website, where does it go? If your answer was, “Our blog,” then you might want to reconsider. Why? Because that kind of site structure isn’t always the best for SEO purposes, and there’s a much better strategy.  […]

Topgolf Tampa: Tons of Fun & Learning



What can we say? We love Tampa. Last week, our DealerOn Event Series rolled through sunny Florida and rocked out at the Topgolf Tampa. Not to take anything away from our other stops, but the dealers attending last week were fantastic. They were super engaged, really got involved with each of the presenters and, man, they could really swing a golf club!


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Wednesday Workshop – Questions and Answers


For this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we’re answering some fan mail. Who knew that the Beard and the Hair had so many fans?

Most importantly, we answer questions about what we’re doing at NADA this weekend – so make sure you check out the video and learn all about the awesomeness we have planned…


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SEO Presentation from the Innovative Dealer Summit [VIDEO]


Check out our presentation from last week’s Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver, Colorado. We kicked the show off with an entertaining and informative keynote session about Local SEO. As always, we wanted to share the video here on the blog so that everyone has access to the awesome tips.

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Yes. Your New Year’s resolutions will fail.

resolutions_1percent_jeff clark_Dealeron

Starting a new year is exciting. It’s always filled with promise, enthusiasm and the hope that everything will be better than the year before. Many of us jump into the year with the tried and true “New Year’s resolutions” list of things that won’t ever get done.


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