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Can Hot Wheels help you sell more cars?


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, Shaun shares his Hot Wheels story… If you’ve ever seen him speak at a conference or 20 group, you’ve heard the story – but if you haven’t, it’s incredibly insightful.

We don’t want to spoil the story, so you’ll have to watch the video and learn his incredibly creative way of connecting with customers that helped him sell more cars.

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Content Silos and Blog Posts

Silo Hero

When you’ve got new content to add to your website, where does it go? If your answer was, “Our blog,” then you might want to reconsider. Why? Because that kind of site structure isn’t always the best for SEO purposes, and there’s a much better strategy.  […]

Local SEO Is About So Much More Than Tools

Local SEO Is About So Much More Than Tools

Hey, check it out, our very own Greg Gifford is on his soapbox again over at Search Engine Land. The topic of the rant? Letting online SEO tools do all the work for you, instead of using them to help you do SEO work.  […]

The Top 10 Videos of 2016


It’s the last Wednesday Workshop of 2017! To finish up an amazing year, we’re sharing the list of the most-watched Wednesday Workshop videos of 2017:

10. Learn more about the recent Google updates
9. Man on the street interviews from NADA 2016
8. How long does SEO take?
7. Local SEO presentation from Digital Dealer 21
6. Prove you need SEO with simple math
5. You might actually want a high bounce rate
4. Is your website just lipstick on a pig?
3. We don’t sell jeeps
2. NADA mean tweets
1. You CAN sell cars with Pokemon Go

Thanks for watching all of our crazy videos – we’ll see you in 2017!


Tales from the Trenches – Don’t let a vendor hold you hostage!


This week’s Wednesday Workshop shares another crazy story from the trenches… This time, it’s a scary story about a vendor holding a dealership hostage! You’ll have to watch the video to get the full story – but make sure you’re not letting any of your vendors dictate how you run your dealership!