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Site Search: To Filter or Not to Filter?

Site Search: To Filter or Not to Filter?

Let’s be upfront about this: I advocate filtered site search as opposed to free form search, and here’s why.

When it comes to finding things on your website, your customers are either clicking buttons or using a search box. This is true whether you sell cars, cookies, or clothes. Nearly every single person on your website looking for a particular vehicle will either click on the “New” or “Used” buttons that you (hopefully) have in your navigation bar, or they’re mousing over to the search box and manually typing it in.  […]

Massive fine for fake reviews


This week’s video shares the terrifying story of a dealership group in California that was recently fined $3.6 million for fake reviews. Don’t get caught posting fake reviews, or even influencing what customers write in their reviews – watch and learn more…

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Website Conversion 101: Homepage


In a previous post, we talked about website optimization as a general concept and laid out some ground rules for A/B testing to gauge how visitors interact with your site. Driving traffic to your site is a worthwhile effort, but it can quickly become worthless […]

6 Ways Not to Spend Your PPC Budget

6 Ways Not to Spend Your PPC Budget

Managing a PPC campaign can sometimes seem like a free-for-all effort. There are lots of options and lots of ways to spend your money – but not all of them are worth your time. I’ve spent years in the SEM/PPC world, […]

Awesome Tips From Digital Dealer 22


The Hair and I took a stroll around the convention center floor last week at Digital Dealer 22, talking to vendors and dealers about how things are changing in 2017. We had some amazing conversations, laughed a lot (you’ll see the fun stuff in next week’s video), and collected some incredible tips for dealers […]

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