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How to Write Awesome Content For Your Website


This week’s Wednesday Workshop shares some awesome in-depth tips on how to write amazing content for your dealership’s website. Steve, one of our SEO Managers, was asked to speak at Pubcon Florida last month, and his slides were so awesome, we had to share them here on a Wednesday Workshop video.

If you’re writing the […]

Are you REALLY thinking mobile first?


“Mobile first” has been buzzy for a while now, but far too few dealers actually take that approach with their websites. In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we share a few links that shed more light on Google’s mobile first push. Learn why site speed is important, why mobile searches are here to stay, and how you should be adjusting your dealership’s strategy.

The links we mention in the video are:
Page speed post from Moz:
Page speed as a ranking factor:
Mobile first index info:


You’ve Got To Create A Content Calendar


This week’s video is a day late, cause honestly… We didn’t plan very well. BUT – that leads right in to this week’s tip: You have to establish a content calendar. If you plan ahead, it’s much easier to create great content on a regular basis. Watch the video for all the details…

Update your holiday hours in Google!


This week’s Wednesday Workshop is a short one, but it’s incredibly important. We explain how to update your holiday hours in the Google My Business dashboard so that customers know when you’re open. Many dealerships have modified hours during the holidays (or might be closed on certain days), so it’s important to keep your customers informed.

These ARE the Domains You’re Looking For…

These Aren't the Domains You're Looking For...

Let’s talk about websites. Specifically, your site domain, which is located just to the right of the “www.” Now, whether you built your own website or just manage one for your company, odds are that a lot of work went into choosing the domain. It should be easy to spell, typo-resistant, and memorable. is a great example, because they’ve got wonderful consistency. is the name of the business, and their website is simply Easy to find, right? […]

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