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Website Conversion 101: CTAs

Website Conversion 101: CTAs

I’ve talked before about the importance of a well-optimized site, examining specific elements of your website like the homepage. Well, today we’re talking about the all-important Call-To-Action (CTA). To help you determine if your CTAs are doing their job, I put together a 5-question litmus test that you can try out today. Go ahead, take ’em for a spin.  […]

DealerOn Event Series: Digital Strategy Summit


Here’s the deal. We’re going to take you right to the source…the source of digital excellence, that is. We’re pleased to announce that our next Topgolf event is OFFICIALLY on the books. DealerOn’s signature Digital Strategy Summit is going to be held in Chicago, on August 2, at Topgolf Wood Dale! We’re partnering with Google once again, to bring you a ton of premium knowledge on all things digital in the world of automotive.  […]

What’s up with Google’s Mobile First Index?


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we share more information about Google’s impending Mobile First Index. I was up in Seattle last week for SMX Advanced, one of the top digital marketing conferences in the country, and I say in on a session about the upcoming update.

A Google representative shared several important tidbits about the update, including when we should expect it and what’s going to be changing. Check out the video for all the details.

Do you have hidden content on your home page?


Does your website’s home page have content that’s hidden behind a “read more” link? That’s actually really bad… Watch this week’s video to learn why – and get your site updated as soon as possible!

How to Write Awesome Content For Your Website


This week’s Wednesday Workshop shares some awesome in-depth tips on how to write amazing content for your dealership’s website. Steve, one of our SEO Managers, was asked to speak at Pubcon Florida last month, and his slides were so awesome, we had to share them here on a Wednesday Workshop video.

If you’re writing the […]