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These ARE the Domains You’re Looking For…

These Aren't the Domains You're Looking For...

Let’s talk about websites. Specifically, your site domain, which is located just to the right of the “www.” Now, whether you built your own website or just manage one for your company, odds are that a lot of work went into choosing the domain. It should be easy to spell, typo-resistant, and memorable. is a great example, because they’ve got wonderful consistency. is the name of the business, and their website is simply Easy to find, right? […]

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The biggest mistake on auto dealer websites – and how to avoid it


Want to know about the biggest mistake dealers make with their websites? This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares the answer…

Far too many dealers choose their website based on how it looks – instead of how it performs. Your website has one job, and that’s to convert visitors into leads. Watch the video for more information about why it’s absolutely important to choose a website that really works, instead of one that you think is pretty.


Make Sure Your Website is Responsive and Adaptive

this movie has been modified_hero

Remember that little screen that shows up right before a movie plays? It says “This film has been modified from its original version…” Why is that important? Well, formatting makes the difference between a super stretched-out image on your TV and a nice, square fit where you can actually see what’s going on.

It’s what makes the aliens in Independence Day look just as scary on your TV at home as they did in the theater.

Your websites are the same way (or, at least, they should be). They need to be formatted for mobile platforms, large-scale displays (like TVs and giant monitors), tablets, desktops, etc. Otherwise, your customers will get lost in the transition…or lack thereof. But there are some potholes along the way that some companies get themselves stuck in if their website provider isn’t using RESS methods correctly.


An awesome mobile experience is a MUST


Your dealership absolutely HAS to have an awesome mobile experience to succeed in today’s mobile-first world. In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, Shaun shares some important stats about mobile usage and explains why it’s absolutely vital that your dealership’s mobile experience is fast and simple.


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5 website creditability killers. Are you guilty?


In last year’s Gallup poll, ranking the honesty and ethics in different professions, “Car Salespeople” tied for second to last along with members of Congress and Telemarketers. Lobbyists took the top (or bottom) spot as least credible.