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Chief Creative Office Michael joined DealerOn in 2011 and oversees the Design, Development and Production departments at DealerOn. With 15 years of experience in multimedia/web design, Michael is an expert in interactive design, UX, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. Michael is responsible for the design and coordination of development of DealerOn’s responsive website platform, Chameleon which has fueled the growth for the company. Michael can be reached at michael@dealeron.com

Split Your Split Testing

Split Your Split Testing!

Let’s talk some website optimization. Everyone knows that A/B testing (or split testing) is vital to finding out which elements of your site convert best. It’s the fine art of showing your website visitors variables of things like CTAs, banner ads, click-to-call buttons, and more so that you can pick the ones that performs the very best. But, are you splitting your split testing? That is, are you testing across all platforms?  […]

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive and Adaptive

this movie has been modified_hero

Remember that little screen that shows up right before a movie plays? It says “This film has been modified from its original version…” Why is that important? Well, formatting makes the difference between a super stretched-out image on your TV and a nice, square fit where you can actually see what’s going on.

It’s what makes the aliens in Independence Day look just as scary on your TV at home as they did in the theater.

Your websites are the same way (or, at least, they should be). They need to be formatted for mobile platforms, large-scale displays (like TVs and giant monitors), tablets, desktops, etc. Otherwise, your customers will get lost in the transition…or lack thereof. But there are some potholes along the way that some companies get themselves stuck in if their website provider isn’t using RESS methods correctly.


Targeting Mobile Shoppers Presentation From Digital Dealer 20 [VIDEO]


Download the slides here

For everyone who didn’t make it down to Orlando last week, or for anyone who sat in on the session and wanted to watch again, here’s the recording of Mike DeVito’s Digital Dealer 20 presentation. Learn how to target mobile shoppers in 2016, and what your dealership’s website […]

Differentiate Your Way to Better Mobile Ads

make your mobile ads better

Your dealership wants to attract local shoppers, and more and more frequently, those local shoppers are searching for you on a mobile device. Hopefully, your dealership has begun to invest in mobile PPC and SEO. However, if you’re treating those campaigns exactly like your traditional campaigns, you’re probably not getting as high of a return as you could. Is your dealership optimizing and measuring your mobile search efforts differently?

Here are some ways you can help your dealership get the most out of your mobile marketing campaigns.

Optimize for Calls

At a minimum, you should be taking advantage of Click-to-Call technology in your search ads and what is commonly referred to as call extensions. These are buttons within search results that will immediately call your dealership when clicked. They can look like a phone icon, a “call” button, or even a link from a phone number directly in your PPC ad.

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How to tell if your site speed is killing your leads

a fast site load speed is important to Google (and users)

A lot of automotive website providers are touting the benefits of having a responsive website. It’s the new norm and if you’re not on board, you can kiss leads goodbye… But you can’t stop there, because site speed is what’s truly going to keep your dealership in the black.

Speed – The Key To a Happy Customer

Think about your own daily experience using your phone to shop, search for directions, or read reviews. You know that if a business isn’t delivering a screaming fast mobile experience, you’re on to the next one. Guess what, your customers feel the same way when they come to your dealership’s site. We’re not the only ones that believe this and there’s actual science that backs it up. […]

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