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DealerOn, Inc. is a premier website and digital marketing company serving the retail automotive industry. In the last 12 months DealerOn’s websites have won virtually every meaningful industry award including: Driving Sales Top-Rated Website, Digital Dealer’s Overall Website Excellence Award, AWA’s Pinnacle Award, and Dealer Marketing Magazine’s Technology Award for Website Providers. DealerOn has become noted in the industry for their Lead Guarantee, based on their Digital Marketing Dashboard. Since creating this process in 2009, DealerOn has documented an average increase of over 200% in website lead volume for their auto dealer clients. To learn more about DealerOn’s Lead Guarantee, visit our website here.

6 Ways To Optimize Your Content for Local

6 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Local

Today, we’re going to get a little technical with it. We’re talking about optimizing your website for local signals, and we’ve got 6 specific spots on your website to focus on. If you didn’t know that having a solid Local SEO strategy was crucial to your visibility in the search engines, then you might want to read this article first. And if you’re not sure whether your website even needs SEO to begin with, then check this article out. […]

Use Twitter to Contact Google My Business Support!

Contact Google My Business Support Through Twitter!

Instead of talking about the usual (websites, SEO, PPC, and optimization), we thought you might like to know about this cool trick for contacting Google My Business. It comes from our Director of Search and Social, Greg Gifford. He wrote about it first over at Search Engine Land, where you can read the article in its entirety.  […]

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Micro-Moments: Get There Early (and bring pics!)

Micro-Moments, Get There Early (and bring pics!)
Last week, we talked about Google’s “micro-moments” and how a typical automotive shopper uses their phone or computer to move further in the purchasing funnel. As they learn more about the car they’re interested in, customer research gets more and more detailed. We’ve all heard the Google mantra, “Be there, be useful, and be quick.” But after reading this blog post, you may want to consider getting there early, too. Let’s talk about how showing up early in the online car buyer’s path to purchase (with helpful images & videos) might help you sell more cars.


Micro-Moments and Your Mobile Website

Micro-Moments and Your Mobile Website

It’s no secret that the once-linear path to purchase has been fragmented with the advent of online shopping, but it’s been fragmented even further with mobile internet usage on the rise. In fact, we’ve said this before, but as of January 2017, nearly 50% of dealership website traffic was from a mobile device. That’s a lot. As per usual, Google has been working in their secret labs on what makes these mobile customers tick, and they’ve come up with 5 key “micro-moments” that happen in the average customer’s path to purchase. So let’s talk about these micro-moments and what your mobile website can do to deliver on your customers’ expectations.  […]

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Should It Stay or Should It Go? A Guide to What Goes On Your Mobile Site

Should It Stay or Should It Go? A Guide to Mobile Site Optimization

5 Things That Don’t Go On Your Mobile Site (and 5 Things that Do)

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you might not know that people are starting to use their mobile devices for browsing websites more than they use their desktops. That’s right, all that information and data, shrunk down onto a tiny phone or tablet screen. But mobile and desktop platforms aren’t interchangeable, and there are certain site elements that convert well on desktop, but not on mobile. In fact, there are things you should probably never put on your mobile site. Lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about! […]

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