Local Marketing Lessons learned at San Diego ComicCon

Our new Director of Search and Social Greg Gifford was lucky enough to attend ComicCon in San Diego a few weeks ago (we’re all pretty jealous). He’s also a columnist for Search Engine Land, and his latest article shares 6 important local marketing lessons from ComicCon.

He uses actual examples from the vendors at ComicCon to point out the huge missed marketing opportunities he saw from nearly every vendor. With a huge captive audience, the vendors had a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of attendees and build local customers – but they completely missed the boat.

The tips he shares apply to any business that participates in events – and they’re especially important for auto dealers. Whether you’re a sponsor at a charity event or simply hosting a sales event at your dealership, you should follow his tips to be sure that you’re maximizing your exposure to your captive audience.

Head over to Greg’s post on Search Engine Land to read the full post. Greg’s got a wicked sense of humor, and the photos he shares are hilarious… You don’t want to miss it!