DealerOn knows how critical your choice of a digital marketing provider is for your auto dealership. To help your dealership with this important decision, we’ve put together some case studies to show the results that some of our customers have achieved.

We consider it our mission to help our customers using our Interactive Marketing Solution to get more traffic into their showrooms than any alternative available to them. Click below to learn how DealerOn has helped our auto dealer customers drive more qualified website traffic and convert more leads for less money than they ever had before.

Leith VW
316% Lead Increase

As many dealerships were, Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh was struggling to adjust their online visibility to keep up with the national downward trend in lead volume as many consumers were turning towards online search for their car shopping needs.

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Price Honda
168% Lead Increase

They needed a website solution that not only excelled in search engine optimization, but that also allowed the dealership to customize their SEO in order target different locations as needed.

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Feldman Auto
59% Lead Increase

Briggs quickly realized that “with all those projects going on, taking on the massive project of converting web providers” would be impossible if she didn’t pick a company that would quickly deliver a traffic and lead focused website, without taking up too much of her time.

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Ourisman Toyota
192% Lead Increase

Ourisman’s Director of Internet Operations, Troy Nieves, knew that he had the staff to effectively handle more high-quality leads, but he needed a website that would help convert their online traffic at a higher rate and deliver more leads into their showroom.

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